The Festival

Each Thursday in June we have a conference focused on a big-picture topic like increasing the impact of design, creating an inclusive design culture and building the future we all want (and need).

These festival days are focused on zooming out a little and are perfect for a more senior practitioner, design manager, senior IC, product manager, product owner or anyone looking to progress our industry as a whole.

Three conferences will cover big picture topics including:

- Strategy & Business
- Design Culture
- Design Ethics

Digital by design

Spread over three Thursday afternoons in June (or mornings if you’re in the US), it’ll be a combination of over a dozen short talks you can watch live or on-demand, plus live Q&As.

To ensure content is accessible pre-recorded content will be captioned and live Q&As will be live transcribed and available on-demand within 72 hours.

Please note the schedule is subject to changes as we finalise the line-up.

Day Two - Design Culture

Our second mini-conference explore design culture. Here we explore how our different identities shape our perspective on effective teams, to how we can own and celebrate stories of failure, empowerment and redemption to make a better product.

Introduction & Welcome from Jeremy

A few words of welcome from our host and an introduction to today's theme.

Jeremy Keith   Founder, Clearleft

Taking GitHub to New Heights

Join an inspiring cross-disciplinary behind the scenes look at how GitHub designed and built the GitHub globe, their new homepage, and their refreshed brand. Follow along as we go from the drawing board to Figma, prototyping, testing, and the final launch, and study how a wide array of talents can come together to become their best selves through their differences.

Tobias Ahlin   Staff Designer, Github

Anticipatory Design & The Future Of Experience: Sarah Doody

As technology becomes smarter and smarter, designers are faced with a dilemma…do we make decisions on behalf of users, or do we advise users but leave the decision up to them? Automation is inevitable, but what is the responsibility of a designer to automate decisions for users? If our lives become more automated, what happens to us as a society. In this talk, we explore automation with examples from the auto industry and the impact of robots in factories as well as auto-pilot in the aviation industry and the phenomenon of “de-skilling” as pilots are losing their ability to react and respond when crisis occur. Automation is unavoidable, but as designers, we need to find the balance between automating decisions and anticipating decisions on behalf of our users.

Time for a break

Time for a break from sitting down. Take a walk if you can, and grab a drink (hot, cold, long or short). We'll be back in 30 minutes.

2nd Gen

Everyone has a personal history. Formative struggles and the happier times alike mold and teach us how to navigate our day-to-day. As a California-born Korean kid, Frank will talk about his experience as a second generation American, and how early questions of assimilation and identity shaped his career and perspective on effective teams and leadership.

Frank Yoo   VP of Design & Research, Coinbase

Sorting The Real From The Fake

Impostor syndrome seems to be everywhere. There's no doubt that many of us will have come across articles, Tweets and all manner of think-pieces about this confounding syndrome. Yet despite the seeming prevalence of it in our craft, impostor syndrome is still often misunderstood.

This is a closer look at impostor syndrome and the aspects of it that we seldom talk about in design. When does impostor syndrome belie a larger systemic problem? And could an over-identification with being impostors actually be causing more harm than good?

Through her experience with impostor syndrome as a designer, and now as a leader managing people who identify as "impostors", Temi has seen this confounding syndrome up close. She'll use that experience to look beneath the surface of impostor syndrome and talk about how we can get real about banishing our inner critic.

Temi Adeniyi   UX Manager, Shopify

Q&A with Frank Yoo & Temi Adeniyi

Jeremy will take your questions for Frank & Temi.

Temi Adeniyi   UX Manager, Shopify
Frank Yoo   VP of Design & Research, Coinbase
Jeremy Keith   Founder, Clearleft

Time for a break

Time for a stretch and a cuppa (or something stronger!). We'll be back in 30 minutes.

Like a Phoenix: Becoming a More Resilient Designer

A digital product designer's story of failure, self-empowerment, and redemption. Over the span of two years, Catt Small experienced the highs and lows of product development—all on the same team. She will share ways to improve your persuasion skills, create a better working relationship with your peers, conduct more holistic research, and ultimately create and release a better product.

Catt Small   Product Designer, Asana

Q&A with Catt Small

Jeremy will take your questions for Catt.

Catt Small   Product Designer, Asana
Jeremy Keith   Founder, Clearleft

Outro for Day Two

A few words from our host about the highlights from today and the next UX Fest activities.


We have a range of passes available to suit every schedule. All the conference and festival content will be available on-demand for three months after the event.