UX Fest is an online celebration of digital design, taking place throughout June 2021. The festival includes a three-day conference, a series of themed weekly talks in our Festival, masterclasses, networking and more.

Sponsoring UX Fest connects your brand with some of the most influential UX practitioners, organisations and thought leaders in the industry.

Sponsorship for UX Fest has now closed, please get in touch to hear about getting involved with our next events.

A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors:

Your UX Fest hosts

Whether exploring exciting futures, creating new products & services or upskilling teams in design; Clearleft are all about solving meaningful problems and closing the gap between strategy and delivery.

We are also passionate about connecting individuals and teams with the very best industry thinking & support. Through inspiring community events, training and consultancy such as Leading Design Festival and UX Fest.

You can find out more on our website. If you have a project or challenge you’d like to discuss, please get in touch at hello@clearleft.com.

Executive Sponsors

Balsamiq Wireframes is the industry-leading rapid wireframing software that combines the comfort and simplicity of paper sketching with the power of a digital tool, so your work is easier to share, modify, and get honest feedback on.

Balsamiq's unwavering focus on low-fidelity wireframing makes it impossible to waste time fidgeting with details. And for low fidelity wireframing and copy-editing, it's still the fastest, by far.

Also, Balsamiq's customer service is miles above 'the big guys,' and their mission of ridding the world of bad software means they actively educate and support the UX community.

With all new Desktop apps and collaborative online features, Balsamiq has improved a lot since you've used it last...it's time to give it another look!

InVision is the leading product design and development platform for teams building world-class digital products.

Our inclusive platform and services enable creative collaboration across teams and geographies for improved speed to market and powerful business results. More than 7 million people across global enterprises and small teams come to us when they are looking for digital transformation. InVision allows them to ideate, prototype and test new ideas, and create repeatable and streamlined workflows in design, product and engineering to move from inspiration to production.

InVision’s customers include 100 percent of the Fortune 100 and organizations including American Express, Adidas, Boeing, Ford Motor, Netflix, HBO, Ikea, and Virgin Atlantic.

Adobe design logo

Adobe Design is a dynamic, cohesive, global team of designers, researchers, prototypers, content strategists, program managers, and more who work across Adobe’s three product lines: Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud. We design the tools and services that our customers use to create and communicate.

Visit adobe.design to learn more about our team and what we’re passionate about.

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If your website matters, so does your hosting; we deliver premium hosting experiences you can build your reputation on. We’re a proudly-independent UK hosting company with a world-beating support team (number one on Trustpilot).

Our Reseller Hosting, VPS and WordPress Hosting platforms come with features like auto-scaling, free global CDN, 100% SSD storage, DDoS protection, free SSLs, 2FA and a Web Acceleration Suite as standard. If you need your websites to be fast, secure and looked-after by experts, come to our site to find out more.

SHERPA is an award-winning digital experience design studio where users, execution and results rule. We take care of business goals while keeping our ears open to users and their needs. "Unearthing concealed needs" is what makes us different.

Abiding by our home-cooked design methodology SHERPATH, we challenge ourselves in three areas: product & service design, UX consultancy and UX training.

To us, design thinking is a manifestation of continuous improvement, and investment in UX should never cease. Period. That’s why we invented our way of doing business: DaaS, Design as a Service, a subscription-based fee model to keep the ball rolling, nonstop.