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Felicia Williams

Design Director , Twitter

About Felicia Williams

Felicia Williams is a globally seasoned technologist, designer, writer and speaker with more than 15 years of industry experience in digital products making, virtual and augmented reality, gaming, fashion, interaction, and visual design. As a creative visionary and design leader who’s worked across multiple Fortune 500 companies, spanning numerous continents and cultures, she’s led teams to create game-changing experiences on innovative devices like the Oculus and Microsoft’s HoloLens, the world’s first commercial mixed reality computer. She also founded and owns the popular lifestyle brand Black Hound, which has been widely featured internationally in both digital and print publications, including in Refinery 29 and Porter Magazine. Currently at Twitter as a Director of Design, Felicia leads rapidly growing teams, who are shaping the path for new and exciting products, that will lead to transformative opportunities for small businesses and creators on the global platform.

Speaking at the conference

Designing The Future When You're Steeped In The Past: How Pop Culture and Media Tropes Contribute to Bias in Technology

In this talk, Felicia explores how modern media and pop culture influence engineering and design, from target audience to coding and ethics. With an eye towards unlocking positive possibilities, as well as critical feedback for the industry, this talk aims to open up new avenues for designers, engineers and all sorts of product people and inspire us to work in more inclusive and robust ways.

Q&A with Steven Wakabayashi & Felicia Williams

Jeremy will take your questions for Steven & Felicia.

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