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Jenny Lanier

Senior Design Manager - Compute and Interconnectivity , IBM

About Jenny Lanier

Jenny Lanier is a Senior Design Manager at IBM, leading Design strategy for a billion dollar portfolio of Cloud Enterprise software solutions. Her teams portfolio includes Infrastructure as a Service offerings like Bare Metal & Virtual Servers, Virtual Private Cloud Networking, and Hybrid Networking via Transit Gateway, and Direct Link. Her background includes a Bachelor's in Art Direction, a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and several years at an advertising agency.

In the past 4 years at IBM she has gained a lot of complex technology knowledge and always reminds herself & her teams "there are no stupid questions--if you’re confused about something, chances are there is someone else in the room who is also confused." She is highly focused on team culture and facilitating an environment where designers prioritize interpersonal connections as much as product work. Successful user experience is about the person behind the product.

Jenny has planted roots in Texas and calls Austin home. She enjoys traveling, camping, swimming with sharks, and teaching people how to make homemade dog treats.


Leading with inclusivity for better collaboration

Join this interactive masterclass where we will dive into leadership tactics that foster collaboration and unite your cross-functional teams.

Whether your team is fully remote, together in the same room, or a combination of the two, we want to help you create an inclusive environment that sparks creativity, encourages active engagement, and builds trust.

During this session, we'll explore best practices and templates to make your meetings more effective (think brainstorming, sprint planning, journey mapping).


We have a range of passes available to suit every schedule. All the conference and festival content will be available on-demand for three months after the event.

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