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Krystal Higgins

UX Design Lead & Onboarding Specialist

About Krystal Higgins

Krystal Higgins is a UX designer who helps connect people, products, and systems. An area she’s been working on for years, and is extremely passionate about, is the onboarding and guidance of new and existing users. She shares techniques for creating better onboarding experiences with designers around the world through articles, talks, and workshops. In addition to teaching teams about guiding users, Krystal designs all sorts of experiences for digital products. She has worked at companies like NVIDIA, eBay, and is currently at Google in Sydney, where she leads a UX team working on experiences in Google Photos. Krystal rounds out her design work with watercolor painting and scuba diving.

Speaking at the conference

Better Onboarding

When new users arrive at your product, their onboarding experience is the process that welcomes and guides them. But, in the pursuit of optimizing acquisition, conversion, or completion rates, teams often reduce user onboarding to a brief, standalone flow, disconnected from the larger product and missing out on its potential to guide new users towards lasting success.

In this talk, you’ll get an overview of what it takes to design a better user onboarding experience through guided interaction. We’ll cover how onboarding fits into the user journey, the basics that underpin any good onboarding experience, and how guiding users through interaction is a more effective strategy than relying on passive instruction or unsupported immersion. At the end, you’ll recognise that designing a better onboarding experience helps you design a better product overall.

Q&A with Krystal Higgins

Jeremy will take your questions for Krystal.

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