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Melissa Smith (PhD)

Senior User Experience Researcher , Google

About Melissa Smith (PhD)

Dr. Melissa Smith is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google, working as lead researcher for the Artist and Industry at YouTube Music. Previously, she worked on devices and controllers for Stadia (Google's cloud gaming platform) and on the monetization and video watching experience teams for YouTube. Outside of work, Melissa actively volunteers with FIRST Robotics, an international non-profit aiming to get kids interested in STEM through annual robotics competitions. Melissa holds a PhD in Human Factors & Applied Cognitive Psychology from George Mason University.

Speaking at the conference

The Psychology of Dark Patterns

Funny/sad examples of dark patterns.

Expanding the definition of dark patterns.

Breaking down the definition.

The psychological principles that make dark patterns "dark".

Why dark patterns are bad for products.

Some things we can do as UXers to combat dark patterns/advocate against their use.

Q&A with Fonz Morris & Melissa Smith (PhD)

Jeremy will take your questions for Fonz and Melissa.

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