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Sarah Drinkwater

Director, Beneficial Tech , Omidyar Network

About Sarah Drinkwater

Sarah leads Omidyar Network's team working to fuel the responsible tech movement through select for-profit investments, grantmaking and community-building. Previously, she launched the Local Guides team within Google Maps, headed up Google's East London space for entrepreneurs, worked and consulted for startups on content and community and wrote for newspapers and magazines like the Guardian. She's also in Atomico's 2020 angel program.


Introducing Ethical Explorer

The techlash has come of age. Media, policymakers and customers are asking harder questions about the role technology plays in society and democracy. Complex topics such as bias in AI or surveillance can seem overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to start. But you - as a designer, product manager or their collaborator - have more power than you think, and everything starts with conversation.
In this interactive session, we'll walk you through the Ethical Explorer, a free toolkit aimed at those building and designing tech to help consider potential harms or brainstorm positive solutions. Whether you're working on a new product or updating an existing system, Ethical Explorer can help you find a way into complex topics, and how you can contribute to a more equitable technology future.


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