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Scott Kubie

UX Consultant and Author

About Scott Kubie

Scott Kubie is an independent UX consultant and the author of Writing for Designers. He’s worked previously as Lead Content Strategist at Brain Traffic, and was the first UX content strategist at Wolfram Research. He publishes the UX Writing Events newsletter and writes about content strategy and design at his site

A popular design industry speaker, Scott has led over 80 public talks and workshops as well as dozens of in-house sessions for clients including Harvard, The Getty, and the IRS. Before his content career, Scott was a founding board member and later executive director of the Greater Des Moines Music Coalition, helping to launch events such as the 80/35 Music Festival. He’s also worked as a construction laborer, coworking space owner, overnight rock radio DJ, camera operator for hockey and horse racing, and purveyor of vintage menswear. Scott lives and works in Northeast Minneapolis and enjoys running and playing guitar.

Speaking at the conference

How to Get the Writing Done (for Products)

The best product teams have already learned this cold hard truth about writing: Word choices are design choices. If you’re tired of wrestling with words, fumbling engineering hand-offs because of missing content, or wasting research time on half-designed prototypes full of Lorem Ipsum placeholder, then this is the session you need. Scott’s talk will empower your team with a simple, reliable framework for making words part of your process and getting the design writing DONE.

Q&A with Scott Kubie

Jeremy will take your questions for Scott.

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Editing Lenses for Design and Business Writing

A secret experienced writers know well is that the good stuff comes after your first draft. Much of writing is ultimately re-writing — taking those notions, sketches, bullet points, and rough drafts and working them like dough into something worth baking.

In this interactive session, you’ll get hands-on experience with a set of "editing lenses" you can use to improve the clarity, impact, and thoughtfulness of nearly any piece of writing. Bonus: They’re also good for catching silly mistakes before a client sees them. Whether you write customer-facing UI copy or just the occasional project update memo, this masterclass is sure to add a few tools to your writing toolbelt to make it easier.


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