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Temi Adeniyi

UX Manager , Shopify

About Temi Adeniyi

Hailing from London, Temi has been curious about making things for the internet since childhood. This nascent curiosity morphed into a career spanning over 10 years in design. Her work has run the gamut from digital and motion design in advertising to product design for a host of different services and now, building and leading talented design teams. These days, Temi is based in Berlin where she can be found speaking awkward German and trying her hand (badly) at new arts & crafts.

Speaking at the conference

Sorting The Real From The Fake

Impostor syndrome seems to be everywhere. There's no doubt that many of us will have come across articles, Tweets and all manner of think-pieces about this confounding syndrome. Yet despite the seeming prevalence of it in our craft, impostor syndrome is still often misunderstood.

This is a closer look at impostor syndrome and the aspects of it that we seldom talk about in design. When does impostor syndrome belie a larger systemic problem? And could an over-identification with being impostors actually be causing more harm than good?

Through her experience with impostor syndrome as a designer, and now as a leader managing people who identify as "impostors", Temi has seen this confounding syndrome up close. She'll use that experience to look beneath the surface of impostor syndrome and talk about how we can get real about banishing our inner critic.

Q&A with Frank Yoo & Temi Adeniyi

Jeremy will take your questions for Frank & Temi.

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